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Product Overview

**Our raw beeswax is sourced locally from Kim & Kyle Straughn Farms (we also have their Orange Blossom honey!) and they are kind enough to break up their huge blocks into more manageable pieces. Unfortunately, we don't currently have a great way to break them up into even smaller pieces at the store and it would be time intensive for us to keep the random inventory updated correctly on the webstore. The likeliness for returns or cancellations when we don't have the exact piece or amount you paid for would be high (which just equates to higher credit card fees and no one wants that).  

Instead we have decided to set up a $1 reserve button here and when you pick up your order, you will then have an opportunity to pick out which piece you would like and pay for the balance at that time, less the $1 deposit. The wedges of beeswax range in size from 10oz to 60oz, so while we are confident you will love the beeswax for any and all of your DIY's, we do apologize for any inconvenience and for not having options for less than 10oz.


Uses for Beeswax!

- Filtering:

- Bug bite balm:

- Beeswax Wraps:

- Preserving leaves:

- Wood conditioner:

- Candles!:

- Lotion bar:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review