Pet Supplies

  • Dog Treats

    The Pound Bakery

    Dog Treats

    Baked in Harvard, IL * Healthy pet treats * Made with high-quality ingredients * No preservatives * Treats made with sustainable energy! Dog Treat Flavors: (or jump over to cat treats) Chicken & Sweet Potato w/ Glucosamine: approx. 10 per 1...

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  • Beat It! Insect Repellent

    Beat It! by Jade & Pearl

    Beat It! Insect Repellent

    Who can use Beat It? It's Deet-free protection for the whole family (including infants and pregnant women), dogs & cats, and even horses! Chemical free flea & tick protection. Repels against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, black flies, deer flies,...

    $2.40 - $13.60
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  • Cat Treats

    The Pound Bakery

    Cat Treats

    These kitty cat treats are loved by all our feline friends! - Grain free!- Improve digestive health.- Benefit skin and coat. Ingredient Benefits: Salmon: high in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for boosting immune health, promoting skin and coat...

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