Natural Konjac Sponge

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Product Overview

Konjac sponges are from a vegetable root and are used to gently exfoliate the face and anywhere else that needs exfoliation

- Vegan friendly

- Compostable!

- Slightly alkaline and perfect for use on face.

- Soak for a couple of minutes before use and allow to soften. Hang to keep dry in between uses.

- Effective with water alone but can be used in combination with a cleanser.

- Soak in 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water for 10 minutes every 2-3 weeks.

- Replace every 6-8 weeks.


Each color represents a different active ingredient with different benefits:

Aloe- Hydrates dry and sensitive skin

Red Clay- Rejuvenates damaged and uneven skin tones

Turmeric- Heals dry and flaky skin

Natural- Gently exfoliates, great for sensitive skin.

Charcoal- Clarifies and re-balances the skin.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review