Organic Spices

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Product Overview

Certified Organic Spices!

  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • No MSG

Quantity 1 = 1 oz by volume.


Choose from:

**Allspice - Ground
Use to flavor baked beans, Polish sausage, sweet pickles and relishes, chili sauce, tomato and vegetable soups, cookies and pastries.

**Black Pepper - Ground
Black pepper has a characteristic penetrating odor, and hot biting taste.

**Black Peppercorns
Whole peppercorns.

**Cayenne - Ground
15,000-25,000 HU. It adds a hot flavor to spicy dishes, eggs, and beans.

**Cinnamon - Ground
organic korintje cinnamon (cinnamomum burmanii)

**Coriander Seed - Ground
Distinctively fragrant, lemon-like odor and taste. Flavor vegetable pickles, salami, and steak sauce.

**Cumin Seed - Ground
Use to flavor chili con carne, barbecue sauce, taco sauce, tamale pie, enchiladas, Spanish rice, and cheese spreads.

**Garlic Powder
Use to add garlic flavor to your favorite recipes.

**Mild Chili Powder
chili pepper (capsicum annum), paprika, garlic, black pepper


**Mustard Seed Powder
Adds a zippy flavor in condiments, pickling and in other savory dishes.


**Nutmeg - Ground
Used in various types of baked goods, confections, meats, vegetables, and beverages such as eggnog.

**Onion Powder
Use to add onion flavor to your favorite dishes. Season according to personal taste.


**Paprika Powder
Use to flavor chorizo, barbecue sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, stew, chili con carne. Use as a garnish on deviled eggs.

**Turmeric Powder
Sun-dried the old-fashioned way. Use in curry powders and East Indian dishes. Add to smoothies for a flavor and curcumin boost.



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