• Upcycled Wireless Magnetic Charger

    Zero Waste Club

    Upcycled Wireless Magnetic Charger

    - This wireless magnetic charger is handmade from recycled plastic packaging waste, that is deemed non-recyclable by councils in the UK. - It is fast-charging (twice as fast as regular lightning cable charging) and compatible with all wireless-charging...

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  • Füm Essential Oil Inhaler w/ Two (10-Pack) Cores


    Füm Essential Oil Inhaler w/ Two (10-Pack) Cores

    - Use the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils, known to relax, focus, and even curb cravings. - These inhalers are a great physical reminder to help create better replace something negative with something positive. - Essential oils...

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  • EuroSac Reusable Bag

    EuroSac Reusable Bag

    - The EuroSac is the most reliable, largest and strongest tote bag available on the market today! - Expands to hold as much as a standard paper grocery bag - Strength tested to 50 lbs - 1/2″ wide handles are available in regular or shoulder...

    $6.00 - $8.00
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  • Aluminum Bottles and Lids

    Berlin Packaging

    Aluminum Bottles and Lids

    - Ditch the plastic spray bottles for cleaning supplies or the never ending barrage of new shampoo and lotion bottles for reusable and sustainable aluminum bottles and lids.- Choose either a cap, pump, or misters for your bottles individually for a...

    $0.25 - $4.00
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  • Honey Chemistry Heavy Duty Tote

    The Coin Laundry

    Honey Chemistry Heavy Duty Tote

    - Heavy duty gusseted canvas bag measures 18x15x6 - Hand screen printed with Earth friendly water based inks and solvents. - Made in Bozeman, MT  - Perfect for the farmer's market or local library!

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  • Stojo Pocket Cups


    Stojo Pocket Cups

    The reusable collapsible cup that will replace disposables!- Perfect for water, tea, or coffee and temperatures from 32-212 degrees.- Mouth tab creates airtight, leak-proof seal- Dishwasher safe, comes apart for easy cleaning- LFGB (Food grade) Certified...

    $15.50 - $25.00
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  • Pop Top Sealable Mason Jar Lids


    Pop Top Sealable Mason Jar Lids

    * Reusable drinking jar lid made of non-reactive stainless steel and silicone * Silicone plug and band make sure that there are NO SPILLS! *Regular and wide mouth mason jar sizes. * No: BPA, phthalates, or chemical leach - Plastic Free!

    $12.50 - $14.00
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  • Flamingo Man Tote Bag

    Pergamo Paper Goods

    Flamingo Man Tote Bag

    Travel in style with your very own Dapper Flamingo Man Tote designed by Gianna Pergamo.  Each bag is made of 100% organic cotton and is 15" x 15".

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  • Produce Bags


    Produce Bags

    - We have a variety of options for produce bags so that you can either pick and choose or save some bucks by buying a six or a three-pack. All produce bags are: - 100% Organic Cotton - Double-stitched, durable and lightweight mesh. - Machine washable...

    $4.00 - $20.00
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  • Collapsible Straw and Foldable Cutlery Kit

    Me Mother Earth

    Collapsible Straw and Foldable Cutlery Kit

    - Never use single-use plastic straws or cutlery again! - All components are dishwasher safe! - Straws can expand to different sizes, 9", 6.75" or 4.25" - Diameter of straws is 8mm at its widest and 6mm at its smallest. Materials: Made from food...

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  • Bee's Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

    Bees Wrap

    Bee's Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

    Store food naturally and without plastic using the amazing Bee's Wraps. These reusable beeswax wraps are perfect for covering a bowl, wrapping up fruit or bread, and the Sandwich Pack and Explorer Pack both have a tie to store your sandwich without...

    $6.00 - $42.00
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  • Terra Cotta Aroma Diffuser

    Mountain Rose Herbs

    Terra Cotta Aroma Diffuser

    - Simply place a few drops of essential oil or any liquid fragrance onto the center of the diffuser pendant and allow it to absorb.  - Great for car, office, pocket, bathroom, etc.  - Enjoy the lingering zest of your favorite aroma for weeks...

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  • ECOLunchpod - Snack

    ECOLunchpod - Snack

    - Holds 5oz and is a great way to avoid disposable plastic bags - Not leak-proof. Ideal for dry and damp foods - not liquids. - 3.75" long x 2.25" wide x 1.5" tall. - Narrower and longer allowing for snacks like carrots, pretzels, etc. -...

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  • Beat It! Insect Repellent

    Beat It! by Jade & Pearl

    Beat It! Insect Repellent

    Who can use Beat It? It's Deet-free protection for the whole family (including infants and pregnant women), dogs & cats, and even horses! Chemical free flea & tick protection. Repels against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, black flies, deer flies,...

    $2.40 - $13.60
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  • Active Charcoal Water Filter


    Active Charcoal Water Filter

    - Kishu Water Filters are hand-cut active charcoal sticks. - They are 97% carbon and incredibly effective at reducing Lead, Mercury, Copper, Aluminum, Uranium, and Molybdenum and imparting Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. - Begins working...

    $13.00 - $21.00
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  • Snack & Sandwich Bag 3-Pack

    Juniperseed Mercantile

    Snack & Sandwich Bag 3-Pack

    Did you know that a family of four can easily go through a thousand disposable lunch baggies a year? Whoa! Choose to reuse with these high quality snack & sandwich bags from Juniperseed Mercantile.  Reusables often have a higher upfront cost,...

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  • LunchSac

    Stepping Stones


    - 9″ x 11″ x 3″ - Velcro fastens - 8″ hook and loop closure - Top handle - Great for decorating with fabric markers or paint - Comes in unbleached cotton. 

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  • Three-In-One Bamboo Spork

    Zero Waste Club

    Three-In-One Bamboo Spork

    - This is the World's First 3 in 1 Bamboo Spork! - Sustainably sourced - 100% biodegradable - Vegan - Perfect for travel! - 17 cm long - Tree planted for every purchase - Hand wash only - Completely compostable

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